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© حقوق الطبع والنشر 2015 aitegy.com. كل الحقوق محفوظة.




AIT has pioneered experience in different industrial technology applications, in the field of optics, mechanical manufacturing, electronics manufacturing technology, LED lighting systems, Renewable energy, security surveillance systems and support the customers through the well-selected suppliers who are the supreme

and pioneers in their technologies and industries.


providing innovative next-generation technology solutions and services that leverage deep industry expertise, global scale, technology independence and an extensive partner community.


Our people help commercial and international public sector clients solve their toughest challenges by modernizing their business processes, applications and infrastructure with next-generation technology solutions


It has been driven by the concept of sustainability a paradigm of corporate social responsibilities


AIT is a product supplier support, service contributed to events including, promoting, maintaining and customer technical support.


contributions don't end with a commitment to support our customers needs, as a responsible company, we also play an active role in helping strengthen the friendship between our country and foreign countries we have a corporation, we strive to be a valued partner to our neighbours, our nations and all over the world.


AIT represents numerous esteemed firm suppliers who are pioneers in industries basis, with the advanced machinery processing technology.


AIT is a global industry solutions and service provider of a wide array of high quality, and reliable precision and ophthalmic optics, high-quality mechanical Manufacturing, electronic assembly technology, photonics, renewable energy, led manufacturing, security surveillance systems, and information technology.


products used for different applications. products are used in retail, commercial, industrial and government sectors.


it's principally engaged in the research, design, developement, manufacture integration, sustainment of advanced technology systems, products, services, commercial sales of the products and services and partners support for promoting their products and services in Egypt, Middle east and Africa.


Aspiring to be the most advanced technology solution and advanced manufacturing system consultant.


Headquarter in Alexandria, Egypt

the intelligent choosing place near the main Egyptian port area and high tech developing zone, in the center of the middle east and Africa.

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