• Model:AFL-A72W

  • All in Two solar led flood light AFL-A series is a special solar lighting solution for the remote area. It is a perfect & ideal option for the billboard or any flood lighting where the on-grid electricity cannot reach easily.  It is also a good alternative solution to replace normal flood light like metal halide type to save more energy and cost. Without any maintenance for many years. It is a green, energy-saving 100% and simple-installation solution comparing normal flood light. What's more. with built-in battery and controller, customers only need to plug light to solar panel via Universal MC4 plugs directly. it is a stable and quick installation method. IP67 Weather proof, ideal solution for outdoor using. It supports more than 12 hours full power lighting which can be used for many emergency applications, like a rescue or refugee tents or any portable lighting.

  • Adopting MPPT (Max Power Point Tracking) Control System, the battery is charged faster by 30% at least comparing normal PWM controller. This guarantees good lighting for every night even if with a lower sunshine radiation in winter. No more worry about black out in most of the European countries where the sunshine is always weak. The separate solar panel can be increased according to local sunshine radiation. 

  • This lighting fixture contains solar light head and solar panel connected by 2.5MM2 cable with UNIVERSAL MC4 plugs. Distance from light to the panel can reach to  30meters. It is a reliable and durable stand alone solar lighting solution for sustainable billboard lighting, Advertising board, Car parking lighting, Garden lighting, Facade lighting, etc. Perfect in arid, tropical and temperate environments. Light Specifications can be customized as requested.

AFL-A Series Catalog



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