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Powder Paint Spraying Booths​

Powder Paint Spraying Booths


Saving powder paint and human health are our first priority in the production of manual and automatic powder spraying booths that provide to put the whole non-sticked paints within the booth. They can be easily mounted anywhere required, thanks to their ergonomic and disassembled construction.

Automatic powder spraying booths provide a fast and quality painting solution by making a regular feeding of the paint without any interruption of the plant. Automatic booths are produced depending to customer need as filter type, monocyclone and multicyclone types.

It is designed in order to paint both medium size parts such as metallic goods and too long parts, and suitable to change rapid color change.

All parts of the booth are disassembled and can be mounted by screw and dismounted easily, if required.

We produce manual booths in different sizes with cyclone or filter types depending to customer needs.

Manual Powder Spraying Booths




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Automatic Powder Spraying Booths, which take very tight space and suitable to color change quickly, with filter, monocyclone or multicyclone types, are used with conveyor type lines.

Their material is iron sheet or galvanize or stainless steel. Paint feeding is directly to the guns by a fine sieve under filter type booths and gaining back system beside cyclone type booths.

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Automatic Powder Spraying Booths


The principal feature is that the body of the booth is amde of a special anti-static plastic. Automatic cleaning of the booth when changing from one color to another in 10 minutes. All processes of changing colors are performed automatically with little operator involvement. Designed for mass production with powder painting - with a large number of products used in one shift and many powder paint colors.

Automatic Plastic Powder Coating Booth For Quick Color Change