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  • LED lighting feasibility analysis

  • Lighting layouts

  • Lighting retrofit projects

  • LED and Solar LED lighting vendor selection

  • LED and Solar LED product selection

  • Bid specification development and vetting

  • Product design assistance for renewable energy applications

Renewable Energy


These are but a few of the services we offer:

  • AIT provides detailed solar product design and evaluation.

  • Drawings, documentation, testing and prototyping are available.

  • Contract engineering and technical support



AIT can provide detailed custom solar panel designs including all materials, drawings and specifications. Our consultants can identify all costs, at any level of capacity, for single crystal silicon, polycrystalline cast ingot silicon and amorphous silicon manufacturing panels. We can design panels from a fraction of a watt to hundreds of watts.



Our consultants assist clients in evaluating business opportunities in the PV industry.

Electronics Manufacture


AIT helps companies of all sizes to set up, fix, improve, certify and enhance their electronics assembly processes, outsourcing, and equipment. In addition, our Process Failure Analysis and Process Root Cause Analysis expertise results in up -front solutions that help our clients avoid problems, streamline their assembly processes and improve their financial return.

Security, Alarms and Protection Systems

Utilising technology to combat crime

AIT is a world class company supplying tailored security solutions to homes, businesses and public sector organisations. We are a global organisation operating at the local, global level and committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions to all of our customers. Our strength lies in our reliability and commitment to customer service.

Access Control

Create a safer environment for your business with a AIT Access Control System. With several options available, our experienced security team will help design a system to meet your specific requirements.

Fire Alarms

Should you be looking for fire prevention advice, assessments, training or a full installation or service takeover, AIT’s fully-trained experts can provide you with a service based on your individual needs.

Intruder Alarms

Protect what matters most to your business with a fully integrated intruder alarm system. AIT provides tailored solutions to help you ensure your premises, stock or equipment are protected 24/7.

CCTV Systems

You may not be able to guard your business at every moment but AIT's CCTV systems can provide you with peace of mind that your business is protected.


AIT offers top-of-the range integrated physical protection; our products protect buildings and equipment from robbery, vandalism, ram-raids and even gun violence.

Lone Worker

AIT’s lone worker personal tracking solution – is a mobile communications device allowing easy wear and discreet operation by the user should they feel their safety may be compromised.

Security surveillance systems


AIT offer a full range of mechanical engineering consulting services, from simple projects or on-site assistance to full scale development and system integration. Whatever are your engineering needs, we will be glad to assist you.


For companies, designers or scientists who have a great idea for a product but need assistance in developing that product into a working reality, AIT has a range of services that can suit even a small budget. Whether you already have a prototype and just need to take it into production or if you only have an idea, we can assist at every step..



Beyond just simple engineering services, the consultants at AIT have a full understanding of what makes a manufacturing business successful. We can help with not only the design of that product but in meeting the business requirements of your operation.

Mechanical Manufacture

AIT is dedicated to designing optical system based on individual customer requirements, AIT can use its own capabilities to create products that meet customers need and satisfaction.

Do you need guidance with a basic imaging system? Or do you need a custom designed lens/mirror system? Let AIT help you. AIT has experience in designing, for example, scanning systems, eye pieces (HMDs), and free-form spectacle lenses. Also he has experience in analyzing the straylight properties of optical systems.


If you need some technical work done in the field of ophthalmology , AIT most likely will be able to help you. AIT has work experience with:

  • retinal imagers (SLO, fundus cameras, OCT)

  • spectacle lens designs

  • testing and correction

  • perimeters


with our extensive tooling inventory, AIT can produce a prototype in the short term with very low tooling cost.


High-quality system and inspection process are applied in process and after assembly using optical meteorologist including spectral photometer, Zygo, Mark II & IV, interferometers ensure the measurement of all specifications.




in the simplest form, our service is helping you find and locate solutions and products that you want to buy 
by working with us on your strategic sourcing, you immediately have the expertise on hand to locate those hard to find items.
our service and sourcing solution also benefits you by:-
1-reducing the costs associated with located hard-to-find or especially products
2-saving time by placing your orders into a single purchase order
3-elminating duplication of effort and supplies
4-streamlining your supply chain by working with a strategic partner
5-managing supply lists and reports on a long-term basis to help you with future orders.
with our extensive knowledge of industrial firms, and our long-term relationships with the industrial manufacturer and trading suppliers, we have the necessary expertise and structure to provide service & solutions that fit you company needs.



We'd love to hear from you

AIT can serve optics/mechanical/electronics/led lighting/renewable energy/security surveillance industries with

1-Processing equipments



4-Packing & Handling

5-Safety Products

6-Labs and measurements equipments

7-installation, operation, training and after sale service